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  • Getting intimate is the final leap in a relationship.
  • But when should you get intimate? Here are certain considerations to make!

How long have you been dating? When are you taking the next step in your relationship? These are the frequent questions when the romance between two people becomes a few months old.

Whether to get physical or not and when is up to the partners. Many people believe that generally after a couple of weeks or months it is the right time to take the leap in a relationship to check out whether you are physically compatible or not. After all, in most relationships, sexual attraction is the driving force behind getting closer.

Just For Fun or 'Real Love'

The basis of your relationship determines whether it will go a long way or not. Studies indicate that relationships that start with love proposals and emotional attachments enjoy a better future and they also have a healthy physical relationship. On the other hand, couples who have no feelings or love for each other but are together just for fun and get intimate part ways more quickly.

So, the best time to get intimate is when you are sure of your love for the other person and also have equal trust in the feeling of your partner. There is no need to hurry to become intimate. Several statistics indicate that many times girls decide to give in to the demands of their boyfriends because they fear that otherwise, their relationship may not last.

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However, such relationships based on fear and distrust can never last. Instead, it should start with hand-holding, cuddling, and a few kisses. Once you are comfortable about holding each other, being in each other’s company for a long time, and are sure that you definitely want to explore the physical part of your relationship then you can think of getting intimate.

No Pressure, Just Happiness, and Pleasure

One thing is clear, there is no exact time when you should start getting intimate. However, it is very much necessary that both partners are physically as well as mentally strong and prepared to handle what comes with getting intimate.

Moreover, getting intimate is not the only way of showing your love for the other. There are a lot of other ways to show your love and care. Start with that first, get comfortable, and let the relationship take its natural course eventually.