Sangati Jogwar

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  • Marriage troubles can be resolved with effective strategies.
  • Check out such important guidelines that can save your marriage.

Every marriage goes through ups and downs. If you see couples together in long marriage, it means that they have managed to find solutions to resolve their issues through discussions and proper understanding.

Many times couples drift apart or find their partners moving in opposite directions. But if they are still interested in keeping their marriage going, surely a few strategies can make a big difference in saving their relationship.

Be a part of a healthy relationship camp

Partners with marriage troubles should try to befriend couples who have long and healthy relationships. Being in their company will give the estranged couple an insight as to what is going wrong in their relationship and how they can overcome the hurdles and come closer.

Work hard to bring back that love

Falling in love is easy. Keeping the same intensity after years of marriage is quite difficult. But if you are determined to save your marriage, try to bring that feeling back into your relationship. Try to find out what brought you both together, the good qualities of your partner, and slowly you may be able to rekindle the romance in your marriage.

Give more importance to your partner’s happiness

Your marriage might be in trouble because you failed to give importance to your partner’s happiness. Make your partner’s happiness a top priority and try to gain her/his trust and affection through your loving behaviour. It can surely bring back those intimate moments in your life.

A fresh approach may work wonders

You can take a fresh approach toward your marriage. Start by dating on and off outside working hours. Try hanging out at your favourite restaurants during lunch and make sure that children do not tag along. Also, keep the baggage of work pressure away so that both of you can focus on each other and have a quality and meaningful discussion and time.

Get an appointment with a counsellor

Marriage counselling can be one of the most effective strategies if you are eager to save your marriage. Take regular sessions and implement the suggestions and ideas in your life to see the result.