From 'Love Haze', 'ENM' to 'Next on Deck', Tinder spells out the latest dating terms worth keeping on your radar in 2023. The dating app makes its Modern Dating Dictionary available in India.

Indian Tinder users swear by this glossary of love languages. The App has understood the always changing dating jargon in collaboration with one of the biggest youth culture companies in India, Under 25, to make it simpler for young daters to put themselves out there. Twenty-three dating trends that you might not be aware of yet are listed in the dictionary, along with the words you should learn to use today if you want to stay single in 2023.

The dictionary is a thorough vocabulary of popular dating terminology that you should have in your toolkit as you navigate contemporary love. It was inspired by young daters' varied experiences. From finding someone who has the "Rizz" to the late-night talks that hook you, also known as "Tase," You can find yourself falling deeply, going through a "Love Haze," or perhaps beginning a "Neo Love." In the event that all else fails, don't worry; acquiring "new friends" and being a "BFS" are always victories. Don't forget to hunt for a match who is a "Verified QT" while you're on this dating adventure and "Super LikeTM" them when you do!

Learning the language is the first thing to do if you want to date in 2023. When they are romantically interested, 66 per cent of young daters frequently communicate via messages and texts and refer to this as a "Textlationship," whereas 49** prefer a relationship that is casual but clearly defined and refer to it as a "Situationship."

"Dating is no longer about the traditional chronology and there has been a shift in the dating vocabulary young Indian members use on the app today to connect with each other. If you're single, this dictionary equips you to feel optimistic about the year ahead," says Aahana Dhar, Director of Communications India, Tinder. "Curated especially for young Indian daters to effectively communicate what they are looking for with their potential matches. It's great to see young daters taking control of redefining the language of what healthy relationships mean for them."

Shreyans Jain, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Under 25, says "Gen Z lingo has a vocabulary and vibe of its own. It's because the words in a conventional dictionary just don't do justice to the feelings and situations that young people find themselves in. Under 25 is at the intersection of community and culture, which allows for a natural collaboration with Tinder, the world's largest dating app, to define the new-age lingo associated with dating."

Relationship Goals, a new profile tool that allows users to indicate what they're seeking for, was recently introduced by Tinder to make it simpler than ever for daters to have greater understanding of a possible match's intentions. Members now have more discretion over who they connect with, whether they're looking for new pals, a hookup, or just to cuff it.

Young adult daters in India will turn to the Modern Dating Dictionary as their go-to resource to keep up with the latest trends in dating for a stress-free, enjoyable encounter.

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