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Gone are the days when love affairs were preciously hidden in the pages of a diary or a book. From Bollywood movies to the real love stories of our parents and grandparents, this golden age of love that starts with eyes is coming to an end with Gen Z’s new wave of love.

And guess what, it’s surprisingly refreshing, messily wonderful, and comes with a genuine connection. So, let’s know some top dating trends that are ready to emerge in 2024:

Embracing Imperfections

Today’s singles prefer imperfectly perfect partners- someone who doesn't hide their true self or pretends to be someone else to fit in. Rather someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and shows their quirks like an honorary badge. So, spill that cheesy joke and showcase some loveable flaws on your first date, who knows you may sign the deal right away.

Diversity is New Way

Forget bordering your love for certain types. Today’s generation is all into exploring their love interests from a diverse pool. Age gaps, interfaith, or even inter-castes, they are embracing multiple aspects that make humanity beautiful. So, just erase that circle around you and step outside; who knows you might find your true connection somewhere. 

‘Technified’ Matchmaking

Ending the era, when your relatives used to set you up with someone, digital technologies are taking over the process. In this tech-savvy age, your perfect relationship just starts with a click or swipe away. Blending traditional knowledge with data-driven insights, dating apps should be your matchmaker.

Quality Leads the Way

Today, most singles prefer relationships that are based on mutual respect, communication with an open heart, and emotional stability. Shared value and authenticity are the most sought qualities among the singles. So, stop limiting yourself and stumbling with games; it’s time to get the love you deserve.

Icebreakers are Welcome

Today’s singles are ditching the idea of slow and steady. Instead, they are embracing new ways to connect with their partners. Icebreaking activities like cooking classes, hiking together, or taking pottery classes, help you spend time together and share laughs and passions while getting to know each other. So, it's time to leave those awkward talks behind and dive into shared adventures for your love story.

By- Supalee Dalai