VIMSAR medicos stage protest against readmission issues

Sambalpur: The students of Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR) in Burla on Saturday staged a silent protest in front of the main gate of the institution protesting against the readmission of 45 students of Sardar Rajas Medical College in the government-run medical college.

Protesting against the decision the students said there is lack of infrastructure facility at Burla Medical Collge for the studies of its own 150 students and we are facing many problems.

With the inclusion of more 45 students from other technical institution is going to hamper our studies, students alleged.

We will file a writ petition in the High Court over the decision of giving readmission to the students of Sardar Rajas Medical College, the students stated.

Besides, the students also demanded to provide all necessary infrastructure facility and fill all the vacant posts at the medical college before giving readmission to the students of other technical institutions.