Rashmi Rekha Das

Dogs are called man’s best friend because of their loyalty and readiness to protect their masters round-the-clock. We have heard numerous stories about sacrifice of pooches for the sake of their owners’ lives. No doubt, dogs are fiercely protective of their masters.

One such video of a dog rushing to protect a girl from being hit by her mother has caught the attention of the internet.

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A page called 'Momo cocker spaniel’, which is the dog’s Instagram account, posted the video with the caption: “Sister, I am always there for you.” 

In the video, a woman can be pretending to get angry and going to hit her daughter when their pet dog Momo rushes to save the little girl from facing the wrath of her mother. 

Not aware of the fact that he is being tricked, the pet dog can be seen putting his paws around the girl’s body in order to save her from being slapped. Later, the dog can be seen snarling at the little girl’s mother by showing his sharp teeth. All he wanted was to stop the woman from scolding the little girl.

The account Momo cocker spaniel is full of such sweet pictures and videos of the dog.

The video has gone viral and dog lovers couldn’t stop adoring the loyal dog and showered their love in the comments box. 

“Protect kr rha h Didi ko Kita intelligent bcha h. (He's protecting his sister, such an intelligent boy)”, read a comment.

Another Instagram user wrote, “Pure love.” Yet another user said, ''Insanely cute this is.'' 

“Momo ke bholepan ka phayda uthaya jaa ra hai (You're taking advantage of Momo's innocence),” read the fourth comment.

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