Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Recently, many people celebrated International Mother's Day by spending time with their mothers to honor and appreciate them.

On this special occasion, various brands reached out to their customers with messages related to Mother's Day.

One such brand, the food delivery company Zomato, updated its app loading page with a Mother's Day message, encouraging users to call their moms and have heartfelt conversations. 

While many appreciated this gesture, a user named Sowmya expressed her feelings differently on social media.

Sowmya shared her thoughts on a platform, expressing discomfort with Zomato's attempt to add a personal touch to the shopping experience. 

She stated, "Hello @zomato, how about you stop with things like "Reminder: call maa". Some of us are grieving the loss of mums. Others are struggling with poor relationships with parents. Can you stay out of our personal lives? Please do not go overboard with celebrations such as these."

She further explained her perspective by sharing a snapshot of the message and added, "For context: these are the messages that get annoying. Muting notifications doesn't help. Every part of the app is filled with the whatever is being celebrated and it really doesn't need to be this way :)”

“Adding this because some comments and reposts are really unkind. I lost my mother last year unexpectedly. I don't think anyone has a standard method of dealing with grief. I was merely venting. You can choose to not engage and just move on :),” she tweeted.

After that, Sowmya's post went viral on social media, sparking various responses.

One user commented, “Ma'am, sorry for your loss. I get that it might be a tough time for you, but the world doesn't revolve around you. Others still celebrate on this day, and some person at Zomato is doing his job assigned by the company. If you feel offended, you can always uninstall the app.”

Another user commented, “I've lost mine, doesn't mean the world needs to stop loving theirs. Let people celebrate, close your Zomato for a day.”

Another user commented, “So you mean to say they should ignore the majority who actually care for and love their parents?” and another user said, “Sorry for your loss. But the whole world reminds us to celebrate our moms on Mother's Day.”"

The discussion highlighted the diverse perspectives surrounding Mother's Day celebrations and personal experiences with loss.