Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Alligators naturally tend to be quite strong, violent and ruthless predators. It is almost impossible to escape from the cruel jaws of these wild hunters. Their efficient hunting techniques and incredibly strong teeth, jaws and bite force make them deadly. However, it would be surprising to see these reptiles being scared to the bones.

However, recently a few videos surfaced on social media that show these deadly reptiles 'acting as dead' to avoid getting swallowed by huge pythons. Moreover, they allow the huge serpents to crawl over them.

In one video, a baby alligator rests on the banks of a water body while a huge python can be seen inside the water. The serpent seems to be searching for food inside the water. It senses the gator nearby and pokes out its forked tongue. However, the baby alligator doesn't react in any way. Next, the serpent moves up to the alligator's face and remains in the same position for a while. But, the alligator didn't make any move. As it seems, the alligator didn't want to get swallowed for which it opted to remain silent and still like a corpse. 

In the second video, an adult alligator can be seen resting on the bank of a water body while a huge python crawls over it. Surprisingly, the python can be seen coiled around the alligator. With its mouth wide open, the alligator lies still without making any movement.

Both the videos are shared on X (formerly Twitter). The first video is shared by Nature is Amazing and has amassed over 10.3 million views. Even it is liked by 41K users and the comments section is flooded with statements from netizens expressing their shock. Meanwhile, the second video shared by Wonders of Nature has garnered over 146K views.