Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Trying to gain fame on social media? Try visiting a metro station or any crowded place and engage in unconventional activities, such as dancing in a silly manner. By doing this, you may go viral on social media, as many netizens suggest.

Engaging in this type of activity on social media has made numerous videos viral in recent years, with creators gaining widespread fame and attention across social media platforms.

One such recent example is a video of a boy dancing in a metro station. Dressed in torn jeans, a casual t-shirt, and a single pair of glasses, he entered the metro with a unique style that immediately captured the attention of fellow passengers.

Dancing energetically to the song "Tinku Jiya," his performance elicited a range of reactions from surprise to laughter among those present.

The video, shared by an Instagram user @delhi.connection with the caption: "Metro me Naya Namuna," quickly went viral, amassing over 4 million views and numerous comments. 

Following the success of his first video, the boy danced another song in the same outfit, dancing to the song "Ishq Di Galli Vich - No Entry," which also gained traction on social media.

In the video, one user commented, “urfi ka bhai khurpi😂,” while another remarked, “Yr hr roj metro me jati hu aajtk kuch kyu nhi dikha mujhe yr mai kesi delhi me hu 🙂.” A third user joked, "Next level guy 😂😂," and another asked, "Brother, which metro line can I find this entertainment on? 😃"

Lastly, a user commented, “Viral hone ke liye aisi harkatein kro ki log tumhara gender tak bta payein 🔥.”

These videos serve as examples of how unconventional actions in public spaces can capture the attention of social media audiences and lead to viral fame.