Himansu Shekhar Rout

Biju Janata Dal (BJD)’s MLA nominee for the Khallikote Assembly seat, Suryamani Vaidya faced an unpleasant situation at Babania panchayat when people strongly opposed her while she was campaigning.

As per reports, people of many panchayats have been opposing the campaign of the BJD leader, alleging that she has neglected development in their areas.
On Sunday night, the BJD MLA nominee along with her supporters and party workers was leading a rally at Babania. Some villagers intercepted her rally and her vehicle and asked the MLA about what development she had done for their panchayat in the last five years.

This triggered tension for some time at the place and Suryamani and her supporters had to return disappointed.  

However, no reaction from the BJD leader was received. 

On May 10, she faced a similar unpleasant situation while she was campaigning along with her supporters at Kanchana panchayat. A group of villagers suddenly intercepted the leader and surrounded her campaigning vehicle.

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They fired a volley of questions at the MLA asking what development works she has done for the panchayat in the last five years.

They asked why she set her foot in the village since she did not fulfil many promises made during the 2019 election. 

At that time, some of Vaidya's supporters got angry and bandied words with the villagers, leading to commotion and tension at the spot.