Devbrat Patnaik

Karma, they say is real. And when it is instant, it goes on to prove that cruel actions have no fruitful ending. This viral video involving a rooster, a sheep and a woman is the perfect example of what instant Karma is.

In the video, a rooster can be seen running between the woman’s legs and then standing right in front of her. The woman is visibly pissed off, and is then seen picking up something from the ground and attacking the rooster.

What happens next was 'natural justice'. You must have seen compilations of some of the worst sheep attacks before, some of which even proved to be deadly. But here, we have a message. A friend in need, is a friend indeed, netizens said after watching the sheep in revenge mode.

When the woman was walking away after attacking the rooster, a sheep ran towards her and attacked her fiercely. The woman fell down, but was again attacked by the sheep. Not once or twice, the sheep kept on attacking her as she ran for her life and vanished.

Be kind to his friend, read the caption of the Twitter post which has so far garnered over one million views.

One user said, this is how you handle a bully. Another user said, this video reminds me of the book Animal Farm. Coming out in defence of the woman, one tweep said she was actually saving herself from the rooster.