Soumya Prakash Pradhan

You will find lots of food vendors making delicious dishes on the streets across India. 

Some of the vendors even offer unique and bizarre foods that people happily try. From mango pizza to bhindi noodles and chocolate dosa, many of these unusual dishes have gone viral on social media in the past.

Recently, netizens were surprised to see a street food vendor making ‘Diesel Paratha’. 

The video of this unusual dish also went viral on social media. 

A user named Sunanda Roy on X platform shared the video, expressing shock and concern. They wrote in the caption, "Diesel Paratha?? 🤢 Are you kidding me? This is life-threatening in a single bite. This man needs to be arrested."

In the video, the vendor is seen making a large paratha which he refers to as ‘Diesel Paratha’. 

When asked about the Diesel Paratha, the vendor responded, "Maja ne aaye khane mein, ta report lekhiya thane mein.”

The video soon went viral on social media, garnering numerous views and comments. Some users dismissed it as a gimmick, stating no crime was committed since no one was forced to eat. 

Some of the users stated that use of any non-food-grade item violates the FSSAI regulations.

Some joked about the experience, while others accused the vendor of seeking fame through deceit. Concerns were raised by netizens about the health hazards whether real diesel was used in cooking or it was just a prank.