Rashmi Rekha Das

No one disputes the adorable bond dogs share with humans and there have been many studies that explore this attachment. Their ability to comprehend human body language and intonation is really astonishing. 

Of late, an adorable bond between a dog and a little girl has stunned the internet. In the video, a pet dog can be seen reminding a little girl to do her homework. Though it’s an old video, this has gone viral again.

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Shared by the Twitter user Yoda4ever with caption ‘Pawtners in crime’, the video features a German Shepherd acting as a lookout for his master. The canine can be seen alarming the girl, who was busy watching TV at home, to do homework as soon as he hears the approaching footsteps of his master.  Internet users loved the dog’s gesture.  

Posted a day back, the video has amassed more than 5 lakh views with several likes and comments.

One user commented "You know it is cute that the dog alerts her and is basically her companion, but I can't help but notice how he walks by her and the dog and doesn't even acknowledge them. Like are you the dad and you are not even gonna say hi to your daughter when you just get home??? Sad man.”

The third user wrote, "Surely dogs have the mind growth of a small child!" "German shepherds never let you down," the fourth user expressed.

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