Rashmi Ranjan

Internet is the best place where one can find contents of different types based on their taste. Every day we come across scores of viral videos on various social media platforms. While many of them are hilarious, some directly connect our heart.

Recently, an old video which is believed to be shot during the Covid-19 pandemic, surfaced on the internet and is currently going viral on social media platforms.

In the viral video, a dog can be seen going out for a walk with a drone while the street wore a deserted look might be due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The video so far has over 6000 tweets and re-tweets under its belt and more than 43000 likes.

The short clip which was shared on Twitter by @fasc1nate handle, has drawn a mixed reactions of the internet users.

While one user wrote, “5 min later you see the dog running up the street with the drone bouncing off the pavement ...  sorry i have a small dog that pulls pretty good :),” another commented, “This makes me a little sad. Dogs need your attention. I loved walking with my dog and occasionally asking him which way he wanted to go. He would stop, look up at me and turn the direction he wanted. His walk, his choice. Wish he was still here to enjoy those times.”

 “If I'll be trying this in my area na drone wapas aayega na dog,” another Twitter user commented.