Anirbaan Hritiq

Dogs are undoubtedly the closest animal species to mankind. For ages, dogs have proven their loyalty towards humans by playing versatile roles as hunting companions to guarding farms against other animals.

In urban lifestyles, dogs have emerged as a saviour against anxiety and stress. People keep dogs not only as friends but more like family members with whom they like to spend both their happy and down moments.

Recently, a video shared on Twitter has garnered enormous views from animal lovers worldwide. The shared video features an empathetic act of a man who is seen rescuing a helpless dog stuck in a dam.

In the video, a dog is seen standing on a small piece of land surrounded by the turbulent water of a river making it extremely dangerous for both the animal and the rescuer. On the other hand, the man is seen scaling a slippery dam wall with help of a rope to rescue the dog, which is continuously crying due to fear of getting drowned. 

The Twitter user who shared this video wrote in Hindi, “Your degree is a mere piece of paper, the real education reflects in your behaviour. 

The viral video has so far achieved more than 7000 likes, 688 retweets, and 141.7k views on the micro-blogging platform. 

Meanwhile, netizens flooded the comment section with blessings and appreciation for the man. One of the users wrote, “God bless you all a thousand thousand times.”