Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Eagles are the ‘King of Birds’ and rule the sky. Only luck can help the prey to escape from the sharp claws of eagles, which are known for their strength, speed and agility. One can find several videos of eagles hunting their prey and severing them mercilessly. Though it’s the law of nature, some videos can be disturbing. 

However, have you seen any eagle getting defeated and that to from a much weaker animal? 

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Here we bring a video of a chicken, its chicks and a bald eagle. The video shows the eagle getting defeated by the chicken that fought back against the king of birds in an attempt to protect its chicks.

As seen in the video, the hen is seen along with its chicks in an open area. Suddenly, an eagle lands on the ground and tries to prey on the small chicks. However, their brave mom instantly fights back the eagle.

Though the eagle is big and much stronger, the chicken doesn’t care for the consequences and fought with the bird. While fighting, the chicken corners the eagle violently and makes a clucking sound out of rage as it seems. 

The eagle seems to be stunned and continues to gaze at the violent chicken. A few moments later, the chicken steps back to go near its chicks. However, the eagle seems to be terrified after getting defeated by the chicken.

It is said, mothers never think of the consequences when it comes to saving their child . It is not just humans, even animals and birds can lock horns with stronger beings to ensure the protection of their offspring.

In a similar video, another chicken is seen terrifying a big dog when it attacked its chicks. Left with no other option, the dog found its way out from the spot.

The video shared on Twitter by The Figen has stormed the internet. By now, it has been viewed over 28K times and users are sharing it massively. Several users also went on to appreciate the brave chicken and hail the braveness of mothers.

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