Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The connection between a mother and her children is from the soul rather than just physically, be it a human or any animal. Just like humans, animals do have emotions and feelings and they express those through their actions. 

The Internet is full of surprising and heart-warming videos of animals. In this era of social media, some rare videos easily spread on different platforms making them accessible to users at large. 

Here we bring a heart-warming video of a polar bear and its cub that will certainly win anyone’s heart. 

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As seen in the video, the giant female polar bear is lying on the snow while its cute little cub is playing with its mother. At times it is biting its mother and the giant bear is reciprocating the cuddles. After a few moments, the cub climbs on its mother and continues its cute mischievous actions. 

Both the mother and cub enjoy their quality moment just like any other animal or human would like to spend. 

The video shared on Twitter by Sonia has garnered over 15 million views and netizens have showered massive love for the bears. Apart from massive likes, the comment box is flooded with notes of love and emotions.

Polar bears, though look cute and adorable, are hyper carnivores. They rely on sea ice encompassing Arctic Circle and seals are their primary source of food. They have the ability to swim constantly for days at a time. The most interesting thing about them is less than 2% of polar bear hunts are successful, so they scavenge carcasses or settle for small mammals, and vegetation. 

Currently, climate change is the greatest threat to the survival of polar bears. While these animals are endangered following climate change and habitat destruction, hunting is another reason that is leading this species towards extinction.

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