Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

A woman is undoubtedly the most unique and best creation of God. Women are the strongest and have enormous power to deal with every situation. They are multitasking and easily carry out multiple roles throughout their life. They dedicate their whole life serving and catering love, care, and warmth to meet others’ needs. 

Women have several phases throughout their lives, and the toughest and most blessed phase is of being a mother. It won’t be wrong to say that women definitely have nerves of steel. Here we bring a video that shows a glance of a mother from the toughest yet blessed phase of life.

As seen in the video, a woman is seen taking a nap on her bed while her kid is seen beside her. However, the toddler is seen engaged in different activities. While sometimes lying still above his mother or beside her, at other times, he is seen sitting on her face, pulling her hair, and scratching her face. 

Throughout the video, the energetic toddler can be seen trying to wake up his mother by doing cute yet irritating activities. If it would have been a father, the situation could have been different. But, as it is a mother, she tends to yield the tantrums of her child. 

People who have thoughts that the lives of women and especially of mothers are easy can certainly realise the truth after watching this video. Before disrespecting any woman or using disrespectful words one must think of similar situations and realise how tough the lives of women can be.

The video was shared by Tansu YEĞEN on Twitter and it has garnered over 25 million views. Even the comment box got flooded with concerns from the netizens.