Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Life without love is just like a body without a soul. Though scientifically heart is an organ that pumps blood to other organs, a strong rush of emotions including love pumps adrenalin to the heart, even though emotions are centered in the brain. This is the reason why the heart starts beating faster when emotions rush into it.

Several love sagas have turned eternal and get cherished for ages. Though there is no age bar or any other restrictions to falling in love, it is a craze mostly witnessed among youngsters. They go head over heels to fall in love.

If you get fascinated with love stories, you must have come across many such tales. Even the entertainment industry revolves around such sagas. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood or any other film industry or stage play, love gets portrayed in some or the other way.

Though humans think only they are finer which makes them superior to others and their hearts can only beat for others, there are several instances that defy such thoughts. Here we bring such a video that will fill your hearts with love. 

This love story is of two four-legged canines who have been winning and stealing the hearts of social media users across the world with their pawsome love saga. The video was shared by 'The Dodo' an American media brand and digital publisher focused on telling animals' stories.

This love saga is of a golden retriever that started off with stalking. The male canine's pet parent narrating the story said that they noticed 'Pax' going straight outside to the fence every day and was 'seeing' their neighbour's dog 'Penny'. As seen in the video, as soon as the door is thrown open, Pax rushed towards the fence and his girl came from the other side. The duo seemed to be quite excited and hugged and showered licks on each other. 

As said by the pet parent, every time he (Pax) went outside, he straight went to the fence and waited for his girl. Even their neighbour shared some pictures while Pax stalked near the fence. 

However, a snow storm forced the duo to separate for some days as the girl was quite afraid of snow. But, Penny couldn't stop her excitement when she saw Pax waiting near the fence and dared the snow. As soon as they came together, they looked at and licked each other's faces. With high excitement of coming together after a long time, they ran to and fro on either side of the fence. 

They exchanged toys from the fence. Gradually, their bonding got stronger.

All these everyday activities of the four-legged species melted the hearts of their parents and finally they opened the fences allowing them to unite. As soon as the gate opened, the duo ran off quickly on a play date. Coming together became a daily affair for the duo and they spent long hours at each others' place playing. Finally, they went on a 'real date'.

Is this love story of the canines any lesser than a love saga that we come across in day-to-day life? 

Cupid strikes everyone; be it a human or an animal. Though no one has control over developing likingness, love and feelings for someone else, it can be challenging at times to stay resisted. Falling in love can be broadly categorised in three ways, i.e. love at first sight, gradual connection and platonic love.

Both Pax and Penny have once again defined that love has no boundaries.