Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Cupid strikes everyone at least once in life; be it with human of the opposite gender, same gender, or even with self. 

Even, one might fall in love with animals, environment, monuments, work, passion or anything else. 

Falling in love is a common phrase used by one and all which defines the development of likingness, love and feelings for someone else. 

Love involves emotions and behaviours which get characterized by passion, intimacy and commitment. 

In the true sense, falling in love defines developing a deep romantic attachment to someone. It might take time or may happen suddenly, at first glance. 

But, there are rare cases that truly defines the meaning of falling in love

Here we bring a video that truly defines the meaning of 'falling in love'. The video has gone viral on Twitter and netizens cannot get over after watching the video.

The clip shared on the micro-blogging platform shows a girl stepping down from a car and seemingly running towards the platform of an airport.
The girl runs with high excitement towards a person who was walking out of the platform. She jumps towards the boy who leans and extends his hands to hug her. 

But, the boy's legs slip while he tries to lean and misses catching the girl.

However, the boy stands up and lifts the girl up with the help of another person and takes her up in his arms.
Well, the girl certainly 'fell in love' which truly defines the caption, "Falling in Love"