Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Cockatoos are affectionate birds that belong to the Cacatuidae family of parrots species. Cockatoos are very cuddly and bond closely with their owners. For their sociability and need for affection quality, they demand constant attention. 

It is more surprising that when deprived of attention, cockatoos become depressed and exhibit neurotic behaviours. Cockatoos are gifted with an extensive vocabulary. They can talk and mimic human words and speech as well as imitate the sounds of other animals and birds.

Here we bring a funny yet heart-winning video of a cockatoo that thinks of itself as a dog. 

As seen in the video, a white cockatoo is standing beside a dog. The dog is sleeping cosily on its bed. 

However, the cockatoo continuously starts barking to wake up its friend. Seeking attention of the dog, the bird moves near the canine and continues his effort to seek the attention of its friend. 

On the other hand, the canine seems not to be bothered and is enjoying its cosy nap. 

The cute cockatoo has won the hearts of netizens, and the comments section is flooded with their love and praises.

The video shared on Instagram by official_ronie_singh has been liked over 4.5 lakh times. Many went on to say that it is the impact of friendship with a dog.

One user wrote, “sahi hai yaar kuch jyada hi asar nahi ho gaya” while another wrote, “sahi hai yaar parrot... Ek dam same to same doggy ki trh...”. Similarly, another wrote, “Sach me sangat ka asar hota hai aj pta chala.”