Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Crocodiles are known to be quite aggressive and dangerous. It is quite rare for any creature to escape from the jaws of death of a crocodile. You must have come across videos showing horrible incidents of crocodile attacks. While these reptiles are more violent in the wild, they seem to be no less harmful when in an enclosure. 

However, have you ever seen any crocodile smiling? It will certainly sound weird unless you witness it. Here we bring a video of a small crocodile that is seen smiling while enjoying a rub during a bath.

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As seen in the video, a lady caretaker is seen using a toothbrush and rubbing it on the upper part of a small albino crocodile. The caretaker seems to be enjoying while scrubbing the rough-textured back. Surprisingly, the crocodile also seems to be enjoying the rub.

With an open wide mouth, the crocodile closes its eyes when the caretaker starts rubbing the brush on its head. As the rub continues, the crocodile widens its mouth as an indication of enjoyment. 

Next, the caretaker pours water on its back and starts rubbing again. 

Just like any other animal or pet, the small crocodile also enjoys pampering and rubbing while taking bath.

The video shared on Twitter by IA has gone viral with netizens sharing it massively on social media. Moreover, many users went on to flood hilarious comments while some others appreciated the smile gesture of the crocodile.

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