Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Have you ever explored wildlife? Wildlife is intensely fascinating and at the same time dangerous. If you have ever explored wildlife, you must have encountered thrilling incidents. It is quite common to witness predators hunting other animals as it is the thumb rule for their survival.

Even you must have seen some lucky prey escaping from the jaws of death. The Internet is full of such thrilling and engaging animals. 

While the chance of cheating death solely depends on sheer luck, the chance of escaping from the cruel jaws of a crocodile inside the water is quite rare.

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However, here we bring a video of a deer that was lucky enough to escape from the jaws of death by taking a ‘leap of life’ and beating a crocodile in the mid of a river.

As seen in the video, the deer is seen taking leaps continuously inside the river. It tirelessly swims to cross the river. A group of people travelling on a boat captured the incident and reacted to the efforts of the deer to get a new lease of life.

However, when the video zooms in a crocodile is seen following the deer. However, it is submerged in the water and hard to identify. 

The crocodile follows it fast; however, the deer was quite far away. But, the deer slowed down after swimming for a while. The crocodile grabs the deer from behind. But, the brave deer instantly jumps high before the crocodile could clutch it properly. The lucky deer escaped from the crocodile’s jaws and speeds up its movement. 

Soon the deer reached the river bank and disappeared into the grassland. The crocodile followed it till the bank but to its bad luck, its prey had escaped.

The video shared on Twitter by Clement Ben IFS has been viewed over 81K times and has been liked by netizens. Even many went on to express their happiness over the lucky escape of the deer.