Cassian Baliarsingh

Delhi Metro has always been in the news for bizarre reasons. From youths creating reels to the unruly behaviour of passengers, the Delhi Metro has emerged as a hotspot for all content creators. Adding to the mix, a new video shows lady passengers turning the women’s coach into a dance club.

The unexpected sight sparked laughter and amusement on social media after the video went viral.

The video begins with the women passengers sitting inside a coach. Soon it shifts to a group of women who can be seen singing traditional Haryanvi songs and dancing with ghoonghat on their heads. As the dance continues, one of the dancing women goes to other women and pulls them up to join in the dancing.


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A social media user shared the video and wrote, “Delhi Metro main apka swagat hai.” The women’s impromptu dance has prompted different reactions from netizens online.

“10000 times Better 2 rupees Cringe dance Girls,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Guys chill...enjoy this as this is our last we wouldn't be able to see any more.”

“Ladies coach ❌ Ladies Sangeet coach ✅✅,” commented another user.

A fourth user commented, “Why people are triggered in the comment section. I mean you do a lot of other things in public.

They are just enjoying, not fighting, no vulgarity, and also not hurting any religion. 🤷🏻♀️”

Till now, the video has garnered over 5.6 million views since it was shared online and the number of views is only increasing each passing second.