Cassian Baliarsingh

In this era of filters, everyone is behind good looks rather than a person’s vibes, and behaviour. Everyone is obsessed with good looks that people tend to neglect good and kind-hearted men and women and fall in bad, toxic relationships.

As a generation, we tend to fall for bad boys/girls and give priority to good looks over a person’s kindness and loyalty. However, there are still a few people who prefer a man’s loyalty and good nature instead of his money, property or good looks.

Meanwhile, a viral reel has reignited the debate over Gen Z choosing good looks over other good virtues in a man. In the viral video, we can see a very beautiful woman making a reel with her husband who unfortunately happens to be not so good looking with huge belly, heavy weight and brown in colour.

Although the couple appears to be so much in love, a few trolls brutally targeted the woman’s husband for his looks. Since being shared online, the video has gone crazy viral with around 270K likes and thousands of comments targeting the man.

“Boycott gym from now, ise toh raat ko dhundna padta hoga,” commented a troll. Another user commented, “Not husband, but power of government job.”

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“Ladki ki kya majboori rahi hogi,” shared another user while another user wrote, “Kaala Jadu kiya hoga.”

“Kahavat satya hai . Achchi fasal hamesha tidde ne hi khayi hai 😂,” commented another user.

However, a section of people reminded that 'true love' was the need of the hour. Netizens pointed out that if the woman's love was true for her husband, then there's no better blessing than true love and there's nothing to worry about looks.