Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In our society, humans engage in sports like football and cricket and other activities which are typically not associated with animals.

However, a recent video circulating on social media showed a unique scene: six people playing cricket with an elephant. 

In the video, the elephant held the bat in its trunk while a man threw the ball, and the elephant skilfully struck every ball that came its way.

This heart-warming video, shared on Reddit with the caption "Elephant playing cricket in Kerala," captured the joy of people in Kerala as they shared a game of cricket with the elephant.

Elephant playing cricket in kerala
byu/PRANAVVP94 inKerala

Predictably, the video went viral, spreading happiness among viewers.

Remarkably, the elephant did not miss a single ball, showcasing its impressive coordination and skills.

Social media users chimed in with their thoughts with one commenting, "Some days he plays with the ball. Some days he plays with other players," while another humorously remarked, "He can save RCB."

Others praised the elephant's technique and trunk-eye coordination, suggesting it could be a valuable addition to the team as a new opener for RCB.