Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In India, the tradition of serving food in households during visits to relatives or when guests come over is renowned for its warmth and hospitality.

A recent video on the popular social media platform Instagram has captured this essence, quickly gaining viral attention. 

The video features Ankur Agarwal, who skillfully portrays various gestures and behaviours commonly observed in Indian households.

In the video, Ankur Agarwal warmly welcomes guests, urging them not to be shy and to relish the delicious food served wherever they please. 

He generously insists on offering additional rotis and extra servings of rice, demonstrating the typical Indian hospitality. 

Furthermore, Ankur graciously presents guests with irresistible sweets, ensuring they sample them before leaving. He even discreetly signals to the server to bring tea for the guests. 

This heart-warming portrayal has resonated widely, accumulating over 18.2 million views along with numerous comments and likes.

Commenters have praised Ankur Agarwal for his creativity and talent, with one user expressing admiration with "Bhaiya ki jay ho 😍" and another remarking "Bro is perfect in every field 💀.”

Another user humorously suggests, "Adha adha cup chai piyenge is ❤" while others commend him with "You deserve oscar for your acting and content. 👌👌" and "Ye releteble content bana koi aap se sikhe 😂.”