Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

We dwell in a world where kindness is rare, and costs often dictate decisions. Though it costs nothing to be kind, most people prefer selfishness. However, there are certain people for whom humanity still exists. With their unwavering love and compassion towards others, especially animals, they set a bright example for others.

In this social media age, it is common to come across videos and stories of street food vendors. In no time, they go viral and become popular which ultimately accelerates their business. While some become popular for their stylish approach, others garner appreciation for their exclusive talent. However, it is rare to find any video where these popular street food vendors show empathy or kindness towards others. However, recently a video emerged on social media that shows a kind-hearted woman feeding stray animals. Most importantly, the woman's identity isn't revealed in the video, unlike other 'popular' street vendors recently going viral on social media.

As seen in the video, two cows/bulls are standing in front of a food stall. From the expressions of the animals, it seems, they are hungry and waiting for some food. 

Meanwhile, the woman vendor can be seen packing roti and curry as parcels. However, the kind woman picks up a roti and feeds it to a cow. The cow walks ahead while munching the roti. Immediately, the second cow steps ahead and gazes at the woman. After waiting for a while, the second cow gets its share and happily starts eating the food.

The person capturing the incident didn't reveal the woman's face. Only her hand can be seen feeding the cute innocent stray animals. However, it couldn't be verified if the person recording the incident asked the woman to feed the cows or if the vendor did it herself.

While the source of the video couldn't be verified, it is shared on Instagram by mahabharat_status. By now, the video amassed over one million likes and the comments section is flooded with appreciation notes. The heart-melting video has won the hearts of netizens.

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Moreover, the comments section is also flooded with red heart emoticons. No matter who fed the cows, the act of kindness has certainly melted the hearts of netizens.

One user wrote, "I love how the second one waited for its roti." (sic)

Another wrote, "Aap jaise sayad sabhi hote, bhagvan aapko happy rakhe. (sic)

"Bas dil bada hona chahiye kisi ko kuch khilane ke liye kam ro puri duniya hai, wrote a third user. (sic)

"Bhagwan aapko itna bada banaye ki aap puri duniya ko pet bharo," wrote another user. (sic)