Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Stray dogs lead miserable lives on the streets struggling for food, shelter warmth, kindness and love. The struggle almost continues throughout their lives. Street dogs either feed on leftovers or search for disposed food in waste. When incapable of finding food, they depend on others' mercy. Of course, in return for food, they have nothing to give apart from affection and loyalty.

However, here we bring a video that compiles different clips showing several dogs not opting for any favour of humans. Instead, they can be seen opting for trade in return for food.

The first clip shows a dog carrying a dried leaf in its mouth and standing near a food stall. He stands with hopes of getting something to eat. Surprisingly, it gets a reward immediately. Several other dogs can be seen carrying a leaf in their mouth or something else to exchange it for food.

While the clips are from various sources, the video is shared on Instagram by animal.love_29. The video has amassed likes over 942K times and shared by over 151K users. It has garnered over 5 million views as well. Even the comments section is flooded with statements from users. From the comments it seems, the video made several users emotional.

One user wrote, "By seeing this, I felt very bad for them and they r so cute and innocent." (sic)

Another user wrote, "Thanks for not breaking their hearts." (sic)

"No, I am not crying," wrote a third user. (sic)

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