Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The bond between brothers and sisters is the strongest. As they live together from a young age, they accumulate many memories from childhood to adulthood. 

However, when the time comes for the marriage of sisters, it leaves brothers happy for her new journey but deep inside a lot of pain and a bit of fear too.

This often brings sadness to the siblings as they realise they will now be separated. A poignant example of this emotional turmoil is depicted in a video shared on Instagram recently, which captures a brother's heartfelt reaction upon seeing his sister as a bride.

The viral clip shows a bride’s brother arriving in the room with other cousins and family. He blows a whistle as soon as he sees his sister in bridal attire.

The boy is visibly surprised to see his sister in all her glory, and his brother and cousins look at the bride, cheering and applauding.

At that moment, the brother emotionally hugs his sister. Later, the sister wipes away his tears while other cousins and family members record this beautiful moment on their Smartphones.

The video was shared on an Instagram account named Ekanshi Singhal with the caption, “Miss you bhai 🥺❤️.” 

As the video was shared on social media, it garnered a huge number of views, reaching 727K views, and received numerous comments.

One user commented, “So beautiful and precious moment 🥺💕🤗❤️🌼,” while another user said, “That moment - jab khush toh hote h lekin rona bhi bahut aata h ...🥲🥲🥲.”

Another user commented, “So sweet and touching moment..😍😍,” and yet another user humorously remarked, “Mere bhai log is din bhi kahenge makeup kitne ka h tujhe to change kr diye ekdam 😂😂.”

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