Daily Horoscope for Pisces, May 18, 2024: Opportunities for joy, career advice, and social engagement


Here is the daily astrological prediction for Pisces, the twelfth astrological sign in the zodiac. Your focus may shift to education for personal growth. Engaging with new people promotes social involvement. Check what you can expect today. 

Purvabhadrapada: The evenings with your life partner promise immense joy, accompanied by valuable career advice. Consideration of visiting a bustling city with your family is on the horizon, enhancing familial bonds and creating memorable experiences.

Uttarabhadrapada: This period also signifies relief from longstanding ailments, offering a renewed sense of well-being. However, despite diligent efforts, business endeavours may not yield the desired results, prompting a shift in focus towards education and personal development, ensuring progress in various aspects of life.

Rebati: Engaging with new individuals during this time fosters social involvement, particularly in areas advocating for societal welfare. Such interactions may unexpectedly lead to financial gains, improving overall circumstances and facilitating income growth.

  • Remedy :Worship Lord Krishna, it will invoke a wave of positive energies and auspicious events into your life
  • Auspicious Day :Thursday, Monday & Sunday
  • Auspicious color :Yellow
  • Lucky Numbers :3, 9
  • Gemstone :Pushparaga
  • God :Baman avatar
  • Goddess :Maa Tara
  • Rudraksha :Ekmukhi
  • Inauspicious Day :Friday
  • Ghatachandra :Aquarious
  • Ghatatithi :Panchami, Dashami, Poornima, Amavasya
  • Ghata Naxatra :Ashlesa
Deepak Acharya
Deepak Acharya

Jyotirvid Deepak Acharya (Bhabishya Jyoti) is a Jyotisha Sudhakara and has 15 plus years of experience. 
Deepak  Acharya is an engineer in electronics, networking and hardware. He is also former engineer at IBM. He has completed  Jyotishsri and Jyotish Sudhakar at Bhagyalipi Gurukul (Odisha) under the guidance of late  Jyotirbid Dr. Nirmai Chandra Banarjee.
He has been awarded by several astrological and vastu organisations both National  and at International level.
Deepak Archarya is an expert in  Kundali Analysis,  Scientifically reading of horoscope, vastu expert and also suggests remedies by  gemstone,  perfoming  chandi patha, mangala dosha khandana, kala sarpa santi and dasa maha bidya puja since the past 15 years and continuing.  And he is a life member of Indian astrological  research  institute  (Jharkhand).

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