Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In India, a wedding is celebrated as a festival where the homes of the groom and the bride come alive with joy. It is a time when the entire family gathers to mark the occasion and the absence of anyone is keenly felt, evoking sadness among those who miss them dearly.

Recently, a video of an Indian bride becoming emotional for her mother before entering her wedding ceremony went viral on the internet. 

This heartwarming moment captured the attention of social media users, who deeply resonated with the emotions shared.

The viral clip depicts an Indian bride adorned in an embellished ivory lehenga, searching for her mother to accompany her as she takes the next steps. 

Calling out "Mommy, mommy," her voice trembles with emotion as she fails to find her mother, tears welling in her eyes.

As the video unfolds, a woman dressed in traditional ivory attire, the bride's mother, rushes towards her daughter. 

The touching reunion sees the bride embracing her mother, her eyes filled with tears.

The bond between a mother and her daughter, deemed one of the most profound connections, shines brightly in this moment.

Originally posted on Instagram by a user named Annushkka, the caption reads: "Hum kitne bhi bade ho jaaye, even on the wedding day, I was that same old kid yearning for my mom when I didn’t feel her presence around. I love you maa 🫶🏼.”

Since being posted, the video has garnered over a million views and likes, along with numerous comments.

Among the comments, one user humorously noted: "Girl scroll, girl stop, girl cry, girl scroll 🥲," while another remarked, "Overacting ki jarurat nhi thi 😂."
In a lighthearted tone, another user quipped, "Itni overacting dekh kar mummy chup rhi thi 😂." 

Additionally, a user humorously remarked, "Mom, come quickly, the music has started, time to dance 😂," while another commented emotionally, " This video made me cry 😢 meri mummy to ab bulane par bhi nahi ayegi😢."

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