Cassian Baliarsingh

An adorable video of an elephant herd splashing in water to beat the excess heat is the best thing you will see on the internet today. Not just human beings, the soaring temperatures have an impact on everyone, including animals.

And this video of elephants taking mud bath proves it so. IFS Susanta Nanda shared the video that has left animal lovers delighted. The adorable video shows the giant pachyderms enjoying mud bath as they kill the heat with a splash.

The video is from Odisha’s Cuttack district, Nanda revealed.

Sharing the video, he wrote, “Because of the small amount of skin coverage relative to their body size the elephants get overheated as the internal heat generated is not able to dissipate. More so in hot summer… And that’s why they use the water bodies for cooling. Video from the forests of Cuttack district.”

A social media user briefly explained the reason for elephants taking mud bath and wrote, “Yes. Rate of cooling (or heat loss) is directly proportional to Surface Area : Volume ratio  (r²/r³). So it is inversely proportional to size of an animal. Hence small animals like squirrels etc cool down quickly while large ones like elephant, rhino, buffalo take lot of time.”

“Happy to see so many elephants in one place. ❤️,” commented another social media user. A third user wrote, “Amazing sighting of Wildlife animals 💚✅”

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