Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Videos ranging from comedy to tours to dance to entertainment and many more topics are often shown while scrolling through social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Among these, some videos manage to catch the viewers' attention and go viral rapidly.

Recently, a similar viral video circulated on social media. It featured girls dancing to the song "Ringa Ringa" from the movie 'Aarya-2'. 

The girls were having a great time dancing to this song at night. The original dance in the song was performed by actress Erina Andriana and Allu Arjun, executing each step stunningly.


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The choreography of the girls in the "Ringa Ringa" song was captivating and stylish, receiving admiration from viewers. 

The video garnered 6.5 million views and attracted numerous comments and likes.

Among the comments, one user wrote, "Hey Boys... I don't feel jealous... But even though our boys talk about trips, they never go on them."

Another user simply commented, "Nice song 🔥," while another humorously commented, "Another bus ride 😂." There were also comments like "Super song" and "Why do girls always do this kind of stuff while we boys just drink and hang out?" Many more comments flooded the video.