Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Sheer luck can alter your destiny in a magical way. When luck is on one's side, one can turn impossible possible. One can also defeat death by sheer luck. Not just humans, the rule is applicable to all living beings. 

Have you ever felt lucky enough to escape from the jaws of death in a miraculous way? Well, there are many such individuals who have luckily escaped death. But, can one even think of escaping from a crocodile's jaw? Only sheer luck can help in such near-death experience.

Here we bring one such video that has gone viral on social media and shows a lucky baboon escaping from the jaws of death. But, its friends jumped in for the rescue and saved it from near-death.

The video shows a baboon struggling to cross a pond. As soon as the baboon arrives closer to the shore, other baboons rush towards it.  

A crocodile had caught the baboon by its leg for which it was struggling to reach the shore. Meanwhile, the troop of baboons launches an attack on the crocodile one by one. However, the crocodile didn’t loosen its grip. 

A few moments later, the crocodile was left with no other choice than to leave the baboon. 

The troop of baboons stood still after freeing their friend. The reptile took a U-turn and went back into the pond leaving its prey behind.