Cassian Baliarsingh

‘Ghar ka Khana’, prepared by our mothers is never really appreciated. However, only those staying in PGs and hostels know the importance of mother’s hand-made food.

Living away from home really makes you understand the true value of ‘ghar ka khana’ when you are served poor quality food that you wouldn’t even consider eating when at home. 

Meanwhile, a woman’s hilarious take on food served in her PG has left social media in splits.

In the viral video, we can see her plate of food which has some fried brinjals, rice, dal and a roti. But, her roti is no ordinary one; it is as hard as a taco. 

Just the view of the dry roti will leave you in splits. To add more humour, the woman says, “Yeh roti nahin hai garib log. This might look like a roti, but don’t mistake it for one. This is actually a Mexican taco. We eat it with salsa dip and some salad stuffed inside.”

Her hilarious take has prompted laughter, memes and relatable comments across the internet.
“Konse mexico ke jail me ho 😂,” joked a user while another shared, “Ye chawwal k bagal m uble hue cockroach h kya.”
A third user hilariously wrote, “Paani me soak krna tha. Woh step bhul gye.”
A fourth user added, “Naas Kaat sakte hain kya?”