Vikash Sharma

Three public meetings and direct attacks on ruling BJD and its supremo Naveen Patnaik for allegedly failing to usher in development despite being in power for 25 years, were the key highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election campaign in Odisha on Saturday.

After making a series of allegations against the ruling party in Kandhamal and Bolangir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also utilised the opportunity to make an appeal to the people in Odisha to vote for a change during his last public meeting in Bargarh today.

While addressing the ‘Vijay Sankalp Samavesh’in Bargarh, PM Modi said, in 25 years, an entire generation gets mature towards a new life, but the BJD government has not been able to lift Odisha from poverty in the last 25 years.

“Today, there is anger against BJD leaders and people are saying one thing, ‘Kete Din Sahiba Odisha’ (for how long will Odisha tolerate)? I have come to seek double blessings for the BJP MLA and MP candidates contesting in Odisha so that the BJP comes to power in the state and achieves its 400-plus mission at the Centre,” said PM Modi.

On June 4, NDA will cross 400 seats while the Congress will not be able to gain the status of Opposition as it will get even less seats than the age of its Sehzada, said PM Modi.

'Super CM taken Over Elected MLAs and CM; Odisha Govt Outsourced'

The BJD has failed to usher in development in Odisha. Who is running the BJD government in Odisha? The entire government has been outsourced and one has become ‘Super CM’ by overtaking the democratically elected MLAs and CM, alleged PM Modi.

“Do you want a person, who is not aware of Odisha, to be given the power? I have not come here for BJP’s interest; rather, I am begging to save Odisha. The state’s rich history and glory has been tarnished in the last 25 years and outsiders have taken over the entire state in the last 5 years,” said PM Modi adding that to ensure the power of governance remains in the hands of Odias, people have to make sure the victory of BJP MP and MLA candidates.

Tribals left out of development

The BJP government has been working tirelessly for the last 10 years to bring a massive transformation in the lives of poor and tribals. 

“Today, the daughter from Odisha has become the President of India and it was the people who made this happen through their vote and allowing Modi to serve you. But Congress and its allies till now are not able to accept this and insult our Tribal daughter. Recently, President Droupadi Murmu ji visited the Ram Temple and offered prayers. But the Congress leader said to conduct purification. I want to ask whether it's not an insult to the country, tribal community and women? 

People need to remain cautious of Congress as it wants to change the Constitution and snatch the reservation of SC, ST and OBC and wants to give it to its vote bank.

“When a tribal daughter is holding the top Constitutional post and me as Pradhan Sevak, nobody has the courage to touch the Constitution. Modi will not allow the rights of SC, ST and others to be trampled,” said PM Modi.

'Forgotten promises'

"You had promised farmers to double up the paddy MSP but forgot. You had promised a coastal highway for the people of Odisha. You also forgot that. Coal is the property of Odisha. You have taken coal. But you have forgotten about the coal royalty for the last 10 years,” responded Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik.