Soumya Prakash Pradhan

During Amsterdam's recent King's Day celebration, a video of a lively crowd dancing to Indian song went viral on social media. 

The video features a popular Haryanvi hit song originally performed by Sapna Choudhary, titled "Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal." 

In the video, locals and tourists, many dressed in orange attire, can be seen dancing joyously to the beats of the song.

Shared by @kanak_diaries on Instagram, the video has already garnered over 2.8 million views. 

The caption accompanying the video reads, "When Sapna Choudhary’s fever hit Amsterdam streets." The energetic dance moves and infectious beats captivated viewers, quickly spreading across social media platforms.

Another video uploaded by the same account features the Haryanvi hit song "Nach Punjaban," showcasing more spirited dancing. The caption humorously reads, "When you see desi thumkas by firang🔥😅."

As the videos went viral, viewers flooded the comments section with expressions of admiration and amusement. 

Comments ranged from "Jai Sree RAM 🚩" to "Foreigners ❌ Haryanvi ✅" and "Mujhe b jana hai isme dance krne😩♥️" to "Footage from bajrang dal embassy, Amsterdam 🚩🇳🇱."

Others noted the significance of the orange attire, stating, "Orange colour represents India 🧡," while some praised the DJ, saying, "Real hero is the DJ 😍🤣."

Many more comments poured in, reflecting the widespread enjoyment of the lively dance videos.