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Nature has limitless possibilities and capabilities to surprise mankind in innumerable ways. It is quite common to witness battles of existence between different living species. Predators hunt and kill other organisms for food and such incidents are prevailing in nature. However, what surprises and draws everyone's attention is when the tables turn. Even violent predators may lose their lives for a simple mistake. Such incidents are surprising and also leave a life lesson for everyone.

Eagles feed on reptiles, rodents and several other small organisms. With their sharp claws and beaks, eagles tear apart their prey leaving no chance of survival. However, recently a video surfaced on the internet that shows a surprising incident of a snake strangulating an eagle while the raptor is tearing it apart.

In the video, the eagle can be seen holding the snake in its sharp claws. As the eagle starts tearing the reptile with its sharp beak, the snake suddenly coils around the eagle. At first, the raptor doesn't realise the snake's reaction. But, as the reptile coils around the eagle while tightening its grip, the raptor is left with no chance to escape from the grip. 

In its last moment, the eagle tries to escape. But, the snake tightens its grip strangulating the eagle.

While the origin of the video couldn't be verified, it is shared on X by Nature is Amazing with a caption reading: What lesson did you learn from this? (sic)

The caption triggered several netizens to share their thought on the lesson learnt from the visual. 

One user wrote, "Finish your enemies when you have the chance. The moment may not be so humbling after." (sic)

Another user wrote, "When you give too much time to your enemy!" (sic)

"Don't celebrate early. Make sure that it's done and then enjoy," wrote a third user. (sic)

"Tables can turn at any moment," wrote another user.

The video has been viewed over a million times and netizens have liked and reshared it massively.

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