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Being kind to others doesn't cost a single penny. Kindness is a fundamental human trait that involves being considerate, empathetic and generous. The impact of kindness extends beyond the immediate effect. It has profound and far-reaching benefits for both the giver and the receiver. Kindness can also transform a person's day. Well, kindness can alleviate the mood of both the recipient and giver and ensure happiness.

Well, have you ever experienced such a feeling when you helped someone and got something in return unexpectedly? Here we bring a video that will make your day.

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows a short but heart-winning incident between a woman and a squirrel.

As seen in the video, the woman can be seen walking towards her door carrying a huge bag. As she turns towards the door to open the lock, she seems to be surprised. She finds a cookie kept near the window. The next clip shows a squirrel carrying the same cookie in its mouth and walking up a bar. Next, it jumps near the window and keeps down the cookie. The squirrel jumps back on the bar and runs away. 

As it seems, the woman checked the CCTV footage after finding the cookie near the window. The incident captured on CCTV must have left her extremely elated. 

The video shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Nature Is Amazing has a caption reading, "This woman always feeds a squirrel, and that squirrel returns the favour by leaving a cookie out for her.." (sic)

While the authenticity of the video and its origin couldn't be verified, the squirrel's action has won the hearts of netizens. 

Several users have flooded the comments section with praises for the squirrel.

One user, "Such a cute thing by squirrel. Animals are so good once you make friends with them they always remain friends." (sic)

A second user wrote, "Beautiful to see that animals are sometimes more thoughtful than humans" (sic)

"Thank God for CCTV if not nobody will believe it," wrote a third user. (sic)

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