Cassian Baliarsingh

The Delhi Metro continues to grab headlines for all the wrong reasons, with reports of unruly behavior persisting despite strict warnings. Despite being the lifeline of the city and one of the most convenient modes of transportation, some passengers insist on disrupting the peace inside the metro.

After a brief gap, a video of a girl’s ‘obscene’ dance video on a Bhojpuri song has now been going viral. The woman’s ‘unwanted’ dance has surfaced online and sparked outrage among social media users.

The viral video shows the young girl twerking, belly dancing and performing sensual dance moves, leaving other passengers awkward. In one of the clips, she is seen kneeling on the metro floor. The girl in the video has been identified as Instagram user @manishadancer, and the videos were shared on her official handle.

Netizens criticised the young girl for her inappropriate behavior after the videos circulated on Instagram.

“There was a time that the sisters and daughters of the poor used to dance to please the rich, but today the sisters and daughters of the rich dance to please the poor, so they say it doesn't take long to change the time,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Teri ye video police ke pass pahuch chuki hai tension na le darlings jald hi trending me ayegi...😂😂🤣”

“Sayad inke maa baap bhi aise hi honge 🤔,” commented a third user.

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