Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Daring and stupidity are two different things. A person needs courage and the presence of mind to do daring acts. However, the daring act is referred to as stupidity when even after being aware of the dangers and dangerous consequences, one steps ahead to show off in front of others.

One can find several reports of such acts of stupidity. While some are lucky enough to escape the consequences, others suffer instant karma. 

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Here we bring a video that shows a man showing off his courage in front of a large crowd standing outside the enclosure of crocodiles in a zoo. However, he suffers instant karma for his act of stupidity.

As seen in the video, two big crocodiles are seen resting peacefully in their enclosure. A man walks near one of the crocodiles with a small stick and sits on its back. 

Further showing off his bravery, the man pats its neck while the reptile opens its jaws. 

Meanwhile, the second crocodile turns towards the man. As it seems, someone from the visitors alerted him about the approaching danger. The man instantly turns towards it being watchful. The second crocodile opens its jaws and tries to bite the man, but he stands and moves away from it. 

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While his entire focus is on the second crocodile, the first crocodile that was waiting for a chance to avenge instantly bites the man on his thighs.

The video shared on Twitter by Interesting Channel has gone viral on social media. Moreover, the video has been viewed around 20K times and has triggered hilarious comments from netizens.