Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Escaping from predators in the wild is sheer luck for prey. It is rare to find any wild carnivore being kind to their prey. It can be considered a miracle when prey escapes from the cruel jaws of a carnivore. In the age of the internet, it is quite easy to find such videos that go viral on social media.

However, here we bring a video of a deer that was lucky enough to escape from the jaws of death twice. The surprising video shows the deer escaping from a cheetah as well as a hyena.

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As far as the hunting skills of cheetahs and hyenas are concerned, the wild cats are excellent hunters and equipped with several tools that make them fearsome predators. On the other hand, though hyenas are excellent hunters, they mainly scavenge. They have a bad rapport for stealing prey from other carnivores. Hyenas can crush even very large bones with their powerful jaws.

As seen in the video, a hyena approaches a cheetah busy with a deer that it hunted down. However, the wild cat stepped back and walked off from the spot. With the exit of the cheetah, the hyena captured the deer that was lying still on the ground.

The hyena immediately starts his process of tearing the skin and flesh of the prey. However, a few moments later, it left the prey and chased the cheetah that was still standing nearby with its eyes on its prey.

After chasing away the wild cat, the hyena turned back towards the prey. However, surprisingly, the deer that was lying still raised itself from the ground and took a leap with great force. Without turning back or giving any chance to the hyena or the cheetah, it sprints off from the spot and vanishes into the forest .

The video shared on Twitter by Belgesel Dünyası has been viewed over 676K times and has gone viral on social media following massive retweets. Netizens also have applauded the courage of the deer and its dramatic escape from the jaws of death twice.

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