Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Remember the golden deer described in the Hindu epic Ramayana! Well, as described in Ramayana, the deer , that allured Goddess Sita in the forest and was chased by Lord Rama, was a demon in disguise. 

Normally, a deer’s coat looks reddish-brown during summer and dull grayish-brown in winter. The white spots on them appear at different ages.

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Have you ever seen a white deer? Well, it is uncommon to find a white deer, unlike in myths and fairytales. 

However, a white deer fawn has been recently spotted in Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh. As seen in the picture, the fawn is strolling with an adult deer. 

The picture was shared by Indian Forest Services (IFS) official Akash Deep Badhawan on Twitter. As claimed by the IFS, the albino spotted deer fawn was sighted in the wildlife sanctuary and a member of Gharial Conservation Team, Pulkit Gupta, captured the rare deer fawn with his camera lens. 

The IFS Official captioned the picture: Staying true to its tagline, “Katarniaghat- Where rare is common.”

The picture of the rare albino fawn has now gone viral on social media being massively shared by Twitterati. Moreover, the post has garnered massive likes and netizens expressed their surprise after watching the albino deer fawn.

Retweeting the same picture, IFS Susanta Nanda claimed that he had spotted an albino deer 15 years back in Odisha’s Angul near Lagangi guest house.