Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Understanding the animal kingdom is a tough job. People who dedicate their life to the protection and caring of wildlife can better describe the behavioural changes in animals . However, the wild animals kept in zoos behave differently than the ones in open nature.

It is unpredictable, how an animal in a zoo would react after getting helped by a human; however, it may not act wildly. But, an animal in nature may act wildly due to no or less interaction with humans.

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However, here we bring a video that will change your opinion if you think animals in the wild will certainly behave wildly. 

As seen in the video, a deer is seen hanging on a fencing wire. As it seems, while jumping over the fence, it got caught between the wires. The helpless deer was on the fence when a man approached it. The man recorded the entire incident on his mobile camera. 

The man freed the deer from the wire fence. After hanging on the fence for a long time, the deer seemed to be exhausted and rested for a while on the ground after it was rescued. Meanwhile, a small boy is seen pampering the exhausted deer. 

The same video shows a deer standing outside the house of the man. The visuals seem to be of another day. The next visual of the video shows a herd of deer entering the garage.

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The video shared on Twitter by Belgesel Zamanı has garnered views over a million. As claimed by the user, the deer came back with its herd to the man to thank him for rescuing it. However, netizens are in splits as the antlers of the deer rescued from the wire fence are quite smaller than the deer that was seen later in the video. However, the video has won the hearts of several others for the kind act of the human, who rescued the deer.