Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Children tend to be mischievous at younger ages. It is the responsibility of parents to teach manners and behavioural approaches to their children. On the other hand, when children don’t behave properly, parents punish them so that they don’t repeat such mistakes in life.

Have you ever wondered, what is the approach in the animal kingdom, especially Chimpanzees?

Chimpanzees are highly intelligent and can smartly solve different kinds of problems. Chimps and humans are closely related. Chimpanzees are very friendly to humans and work closely with them in different fields. If you have encountered any chimp at any sanctuary or zoo, their activities must have enthralled you.

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However, here we bring a video that shows how parents punished a baby chimpanzee for throwing stones at tourists.

In the video, a group of chimps are seen perched on a big rock. While adult chimps are seen sitting calmly, a baby chimp is seen throwing stones at the visitors who were watching them from a distance. 

Suddenly, an adult chimp raises a stick and continues hitting the baby chimp. Well, the baby chimp immediately got punished for the mistake by the elders of the family.

Indian Forest Services (IFS) official, Susanta Nanda shared the video on Twitter with a caption reading: Kid throwing stones at visitors taken to task…They are just like us. It’s the parents who teaches the real Manners!

The video has been winning the hearts of netizens and the number of views is continuously increasing every hour with comments flooding in appreciating the video and the caption.

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