Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Children are undoubtedly gifts from god as they complete a family rather than just the parents. The bonding of children with their parents remains extremely strong in the infant stage . A cute smile of a baby can melt anyone’s heart, and tears in their eyes can make one sad. 

Here we have come up with a video of a baby that recently stormed the internet. The video shows the cute and innocent expressions of a baby towards her ‘angry’ mother that will certainly melt your heart.

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As seen in the video, a woman is carrying her baby on her lap and seems to be annoyed with the baby girl. The woman says, “Nyra, don’t talk to me,” in an annoyed way. 

After the woman repeated her words, the baby turned towards her mother and constantly gazed at her. However, when the woman didn’t look at her, the baby moved forward to draw her mother's attention. The baby had a heart-melting smile on her face while looking at her mother. 

The woman couldn’t maintain a serious face for long and burst out into laughter. Even, the smile on the baby’s face became brighter. 

The woman was pretending to be angry with her child. But the baby's innocence and cute reaction forced the mother to burst out into laughter.

The video shared on Instagram by doctorsonwheels360 has garnered over 44 million views and has been reshared by many on social media platforms. While several users went on to shower love for the cute girl, many also went on to express concerns regarding her safety.