Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Most lovebirds across the globe celebrated Valentine’s Day with high excitement. Be it a girl or a boy, everyone must have observed the day in their own way to impress their partner. 

While youths these days seem to be quite confused about deciding the best romantic way to propose , here we bring you a video of a cute little boy which will leave you surprised.

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As seen in the video, the boy aged around 5 years with a dapper look in a black suit is seen approaching a door with a flower bouquet and a soft toy in his hands. The small boy looks quite gentle and smart.

He keeps standing in front of the house with patience until the door opened. A few moments later, a man opens the door and the boy asks, “Can I see Laila?”

The man responds and calls out for Laila. As a cute little girl approaches towards the door, the boy greets her. He wished her “Happy Valentines!”

Laila is accompanied by her mother and the woman asks, “What is all this!!!”

The boy hands over the flowers and the soft toy to the girl and again wishes her, “Happy Valentines!”

The boy then steps back and waits near the door like a gentleman. 

Meanwhile, the woman helps her daughter in holding the gifts and the boy again steps in near the girl. The girl hugs him while her parents appreciate his cuteness. 

Click HERE to watch the video .

The video shared on TikTok by @shelbysmall1 has taken the internet by storm and has been reshared on Twitter by Daily Videos. The video has so far garnered over 14K views and netizens are in awe of the cute little kids.

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