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Youths can step into any sort of danger to meet the love of their life. Recently, lovebirds across the globe celebrated 'love week' and Valentine’s Day with high excitement. Many of them must have created some memorable moments to cherish lifelong. 

However, some unlucky youths may have failed to live the moment and create some loving memories by landing in some trouble. 

But, will anyone knowingly step into the ‘tiger’s den’?

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Here we bring a video that has recently surfaced on the internet, showing a 'disappointing' as well as hilarious moment of two lovebirds after they got caught on the terrace. 

As seen in the video, a girl and woman are seen on a terrace of a building. While the girl seems to be terrified the woman is searching for something. 

Meanwhile, a boy’s voice is heard guiding the woman. 

A few moments later, the woman finds someone hiding on the terrace which leaves the girl shocked. 

The woman steps ahead and drags out a boy, who was hiding. The woman starts beating the boy and later picks up her slipper to hit him. However, the boy escapes from the terrace. 

The boy who acted as a commentator and was recording the scenario on his mobile phone says, “See, what he was doing with your daughter.”

The woman then turns towards her daughter and picks up her slipper again and starts hitting her out of anger. 

Though the girl seems to be pleading to spare her, the annoyed woman seems to be in no mood. 

The video shared on Twitter by Shubh has garnered over 731K views and has gone viral. Moreover, the video has also triggered hilarious comments from netizens. Most of the users went on to talk about the boy who recorded the video and prompted the girl’s mother.

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