Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

With the exam season right around the corner, students must be quite concerned and concentrating on their studies. While exam pressure is something else, not all students or children find studies interesting. In the case of young children, who are unaware of the importance of education, studies could be a nightmare.

It takes no time for anything to go viral on social media. If the subject is entertaining, engaging or interesting, it prompts social media users to make it go viral. Let the subject be related to a child or elderly person, one can find a stock of such videos on social media. 

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Here we bring a video that recently surfaced on social media. The video shows a tiny tot breaking down into tears and expressing his pain over studies. The video might remind many of the readers about their childhood days and struggles during their studies.

As seen in the video, the child is in tears while saying, “Main zindagi bhar padhai karte karte Buddha ho jaunga.” (sic)

Later, he continues, “Pagal Mama.”

Soon, his mother tries to console him by saying, “Chup kar, Buddha kyun ho jayega tu? Matlab tum Ka, Kha, Ga, Gha likhne se Buddha ho jayega!” (sic)

However, the child while crying again repeats, “Zindagi bhar padhai karte karte Buddha ho jaunga. Zindagi bhar padhai karunga Buddha ho jaunga.” (sic)

Meanwhile, his mother says, “Toh kya hua, padh likh ke Buddha ho jana. Anpadh gawar banke kyun Buddha hoga.” (sic)

Well, while the innocent child is crying, his view on studies has tickled the funny bones of many users. The video shared on Ghar Ke Kalesh has been viewed over 12K times by now and users have expressed their views comparing their childhood with the situation of the child.

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